Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There's going to be a row ...

... in the Post Office at Pionsat very very soon. On the 30th of March I sent four letters, by handing them in over the counter. Two of them Involve money, and the other two had a dependant time limit. And by today, not a single one of them has been received. I need to post another letter quite soon, so when I take that one to the Post Office I shall have a little discussion with the clerk about my missing four letters.

And so after finishing work on the computer this morning, I had to spend an hour or so catching up on this work that was lost, the most important of the four letters, and sending it and all the attachments by e-mail. And at least I know that that has been received as I asked for an acknowledgement. But it isn't half getting on my wick, all of this.

For a pleasant afternoon I went round to Bill's and changed a driveshaft on his Rover for him. I've never done that on a Rover before and so it was a case of learning as I went along. And it brings back all kinds of happy memories about me being on my back underneath a car with a spanner in my hand. I can't wait to set up my workshop here.

For tea though I had a really nice and pleasant change. I bought a cauliflower at the weekend - special offer reduced to 99 centimes, and I cooked it, put half in the fridge, and ate the other half with some spuds, peas carrots and some white sauce flavoured with a huge handful of my vegan cheese. And it was delicious. Furthermore, I have the other half to eat tomorrow. I'll be looking forward to that.

Tomorrow I might even manage a day at home all alone and on my own. I need to catch up with the gardening. Nothing at all of the seeds that I planted the other weel is rearing its ugly head at the moment. 

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