Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some of the things ...

... that I have to do around here! It's not very easy. In fact it was quite a pantomime to drag the old caravan body out of the barn as I expected it might be. And as I also expected that it might, it did come out in bits as well, eventually.

Mind you it took some moving, with a hand-winch, a rope and a couple of stout chains and my estimate of having the Cortina in there by knocking-off time - well, knocking-off time on Tuesday, maybe. We shall see.

Liz asked me the other day "are you lonely?" Too right, when you have a job like this to do. Wives and girlfriends do have their place occasionally, and had one such been here, then the Cortina would have been moved and the caravan body dragged out and the Cortina put in there by the close of play yesterday.

But then again, which wife or girlfriend would give up what she has for half of what I have?  And in any case, as I know from bitter experience, he who travels fastest travels alone and it's better to be on your own that be badly-accompanied. Had I still been living in a state of Holy Matrimony, I would still be driving a taxi or a bus around Crewe. I've come an awfully long way in the last 18 years, and I wouldn't have got here in a taxi or a bus.

Anyway, enough of me reminiscing. The caravan body is out and it's ready to be burned. Tomorrow I'm out at this house that they want to demolish (first I knew of this was a letter from the Mayor of Pionsat saying that the President of Pionsat-Patrimoine had nominated me ..... - pity he hadn't told me about it) and then off to some fete or other that Marianne, the journalist from La Montagne, wants me to photograph. That's followed at 19:00 (just for a change) by Marcillat's 1st XI being thrashed by Breuil - there's no match at Pionsat this weekend.

Sunday I'm busy, Monday I'm out in the evening so I can't leave a fire unattended, and so it's Tuesday for my fire and for putting the Cortina in the barn. That's 3 full days for someone to come up with a major change of plan.

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  1. Demolition of a house is easy - a can of petrol and a match takes care of most of it. The rest is a sledgehammer and some scaffolding. If, of course, you're in a civilised country then dynamite is cheap :)