Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What was so strange ...

... about my posting last night was that the moment I pressed "send" there was a tremendous thunderclap outside and we had a storm - and I didn't have any idea at all that one was brewing. We ended up with 7mm of rain and that's about 80 litres of water in the water butts. I'm glad now that I worked on my day off.

And so this morning I needed to print off the papers for the radio programme and some other papers that I needed. Terry needed me to accompany him to the quarry for some intense negotiations, and that was effectively the morning sorted out.

At the radio station, they weren't expecting us. According to the engineer, SMADC (the Societe Mixte pour l'Amenagedment et Developpement des Combrailles) are now not co-operating with the radio station. Nothing new there - the SMADC ceased to co-operate with us a long time ago - but I suspect some developments in this field in early course.

Back home I crashed out for a couple of hours yet again. I'm going to have to do something about this.

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