Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm going to bed in a sec.

Yes, an early night for a change. But then again I've been busy today at Francois' event at Le Quartier. I met loads of interesting people, picked up loads of interesting ideas, and even sold some product, so it was definitely well worth while my going even though I smell of woodsmoke seeing as I was set up next to a guy selling woodstoves that he makes out of old gas cylinders.

Strawberry was moosenapped again by a group of young admirers and came back decorated with flowers - he liked that. I met loads of friends too - too numerous to name - and I was reminded that there's a chantier at Karl and Lou's on Saturday.

It was quite a good event and my stall worked well but I didn't stay for the dance and disco stuff - I feel much better curled uo with a glass of warm wincarnis at my age. And if a couple of these apparently-genuine enquiries come off I'll be able to eat next week too.

In other news, another thing that I foretold has truly come to pass. Yes, the Septics are in talks with the Taliban. And who is surprised by this news, except the UK of course whose public position that "We will never negotiate with terrorists" (although in that case what the Good Friday Agreement is all about is a totaly mystery) is now in tatters and revealed as the farce it was always going to be.

The USA is pulling out of Afghanistan shortly and the whole basis of these negotiations with the Taliban is that the Yanks have no confidence that Khazi's government will last 5 minutes after they have gone. The fact that Khazi's writ runs no further than the walls of his palace is something that I have been saying for years - now it seems that the USA agrees with me.

And so what does this mean? It means that the west is fleeing from Afghanistan with its tail firmly between its legs. Not only did the Yanks lose all these people at the World Trade Centre, they have lost 4000 more in Afghanistan and the Brits almost 400 dead and for absloutely zilch, and as well as they they have stirred up a hornet's nest of hatred that won't die down in a lifetime.

The West's campaign in Afghanistan has been a failure, and it's been a failure since day one. Serve the badgers right as well.

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