Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do you realise ...

... that the next time that I do a monthly mega-shop, I shall be doing it in Montreal? I didn't realise until I was on my way home from Montlucon where I have been today.

Yes, supplies are running low here and so it was time that I did a monthly mega-shop for all of the tinned stuff, the health food supplies and the like. And I spent over €100 with not very much to show for it either - no toys or anything. But at least the cupboards are no longer bare and I'll be able to eat for the next month.

At Brico depot (and I haven't been there for ages either) I bought all of the tags for the shelving units that I bought in the IKEA sale. Even more exciting, they had 300mm pine planks on sale too, just what I need for the shelving units. A good idea to go there, it was.

On the way back I went to Neris and had a good swim and a shower. Summer is finally back again. And it was quite pleasant in there too and now I am clean - at least on the outside.

This evening I've made a start on packing for Canada. The most important thing to take is the music - I can't go anywhere without music and so I've been recording all of my mp3s onto CD so I can take them with me. I just hope that the car's CD player recognises mp3s. If not, I'm a bit stuck.

And so Montreal. I've made a list of what I need and it's rather silly. A saucepan - knife and fork - tin opener - all that kind of stuff. That's a Dollar Store jon and if not, an IKEA and that's why I'm landing in Montreal - there are no IKEA branches further east.

Another thing too - I saw soneone take a photo of Caliburn this afternoon. An elderly man and his wife. Does this mean I should be expecting a phone call about solar panels? It's really a good move plastering your vehicle with advertising if you are in business. I don't care what anyone else says.

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