Friday, July 1, 2011

I didn't blog yesterday ...

.. and for three reasons too
1) I crashed out early. Well asleep before midnight and that hasn't happened too often
2) nothing much happened
3) we lost the internet connection for a while and I couldn't be bothered to wait.

well, saying that nothing happened is not quite correct. It was something of a late start again - I was woken uo by someone from my ISP. Apparently my internet speed has been increased, which I can see, and to celebrate my 3 years of subscription, would I like an internet dongle for €1:50 per month extra, giving me 6 hours worth of surfing per month away from home where there is a mobile phone signal?

6 hours is nothing - hardly worth bothering with you might think, but it's a start of a thin end of a wedge and it isn't where we start, it's where we finish that's important. I'm going for this and I'll see in due course if it can be increased to something reasonable - like "unlimited". because this is the future of the internet. Forget your land lines and wifi hotspots. Internet via satellite on mobile phone wavelengths, that's the way to go.

After that I had a lengthy chat with Rhys on the computer and then another phone call - from the President of Pionsat Patrimoine. Apparently in le Quartier there's an old Roman well excavated by the Romans and used to supply water to Neris les Bains via an aquaduct, much of which is still visible. He wants to know if I could go sometime and photograph it. And as usual with him, a 5-minute chat turns into a recital of War and Peace, and that was the end of the afternoon.

I wasn't feeling up to making tea and so I had a quiet relax and then an early night.

This morning I was awake with the alarm clock, just by way of a change, and spent the morning on the computer. I've finally reached Halifax, and that has to be anyone's greatest wish for Halifax is the most beautiful city in North America without any doubt at all. and I had to sort Terry out too - he wanted to know my little secret route around Paris without paying a toll or getting stuck in traffic.

This afternoon I cleaned the trailer and photographed it a few times from various angles. It'll be going on sale tomorrow to see what good it can do me - I need the money of course. And while I was looking in the barn for something I found the two hinges that I bought for the beichstuhl and then couldn't find while I was making it. Anyway, they are on now

I've also removed some more of the tree that collapsed onto my vegetable beds. What a nmess that has made, but I'm not going to be short of wood for quite a while with this lot.

In other news, I see that part of the UK's nuclear energy creation programme has been brought to a standstill. Terrorists? Protesters? No - not at all. Would you beliebe Jellyfish?

You really can't make up a story like that. Whatever is going to happen next to the nuclear industry? It's a joke.

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