Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I really don't know ...

... what happened to today.

For a change I was awake reasonably early and after breakfast I had my nose pressed firmly to the keyboard here by 10:00. I've been working this morning on a bit about Canadian Railways nd so I was pretty much engrossed, and what with one thing and another it was about 13:20 when I stopped.

I nipped outside after that to carry on with my solar panel frame. First task was to sort out all of the fittings that I bought in the UK. But hereby hangs a tail - half of them are missing - including the important bits for my framework. Sunsequent enquiries reveal that there were two boxes of stuff for me at Benchdollar, but they only gave me one of them. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Next task was to cut the scaffolding poles to the right length. And ould I find my angle grinder? Could I elephants. In the end I found the old one, rewired that and used it (having to use two drills and a screwdriver to change the disk). And of course, after all of that, as soon as I had finished, I found the proper one as you might expect.

That took me to, would you believe, 16:30, and time to get ready for the Pionsat Patrimoine meeting. Here, I have never known so many people gifted with the capacity for fitting the smallest amount of thought into the largest amount of words. Everyone was jostling for position and you could here the egoes banging together. Absolutely everything became a conflict - it was awful and I was glad to get away. It surely can't go on like this. It was worse than a OUSA meeting.

We went off to St Gervais and the Anglo-French Group afterwards. Terry is talking about adding a dumper to the fleet and I'm thinking seriously about a cherry picker. We'll have a famous pool of equipment at the end of it all.

Tomorrow, I'm off hunting a Roman spring, so I won't be finishing this flaming framework either.

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