Sunday, August 7, 2011

I didn't think much of today.

I was up early yet again - I dunno what's happened just recently - but seeing as it's Saturday I had a nice leisurely morning doing not very much.

This afternoon I went shopping - to Commentry as it happens - and just for a change I spent nothing above what would normally spend during a budget-shopping outing. They didn't even have one of the gutter ends that I wanted.

But I was importuned on the LIDL Car Park and a lengthy chat about wind turbines ensued. I can't say it often enough - vehicle advertising seems to work for me, and work for me in spades.

It was cold in the pool in Neris - it's been a cloudy muggy day (right now we are having torrential rainstorms of quite a violent kind) and yet they had the sides of the pool open. I don't understand that. And the lock on the closed shower is broken too - that means I have to shower in the full public gaze and so can't have my customary "plumbing the depths" type of shower.

20 laps of the pool wore me out though and in the middle of watching a film and drinking my coffee I crashed right out again, and it wasn't until 23:50 that I came round again. I probably won't sleep now and I've been cleaning all of my SD cards ready to take them to Canada at the end of the month. Things are proceeding apace.

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