Friday, August 19, 2011

I thought that I would ...

... post a photo of where I finished on Wednesday afternoon so you can see how I'm doing. It is quite high isn't it?

And this afternoon I've gone another metre or so higher. In fact I'm at the stage where I need to stand on a ladder so that I can reach the top half of the ladder to push it higher, unless I can rig up some kind of rope to do that for me. I reckon another week or so with no interruptions and I will have finished thise right-hand side of this wall and I can think about mounting the wind turbine. That will be exciting - especially as we have had wind gusting to 25mph today (and I'm up there on top of that ladder as well).

Apart from that, when I knocked off (at 19:10 - I was engrossed) the water in the solar shower was at 38.5°C and so I had a solar shower. And that's the sum total of my day, apart from working on the web site of course.

But last night I had a kind-of disturbing dream. I dreamt that I was the owner of a large black dog (and I don't like dogs at all) and I had left it in my car for a whole day while I was in work. The dog hadn't died in the heat, and it hadn't fouled the car either and so I took it for a long walk through the outskirts of a town, chatting to a couple of young women, and then I went down along a river where the riverside path became narrower and narrower until I could barely keep my balance as I walked along it.

What was that all about?

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