Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've been spending my money again.

And if I keep on spending it like this I won't have any left.

First thing was to go to Marcillat in order to record the radio programmes. And from there it was to Montlucon. At LIDL I bought nothing out of the ordinary but at Auchan I bought as well as the usual stuff a little present for Rob and Nicolette for having looked after me, and also a battery pack seeing as all mine are duff. There it was on sale and I said that at €29 it would be a good deal. But with an air compressor included and selling at €22.95 it had to be a good buy.

At Brico Dept they had the hardboard I wanted. And 2mm thicker, it cost €9 less than at the other place.And so I now have all that I need. I'm not sure why though because I don't have the scaffolding to fit it now.

What I can be doing is building the greenhouse but would you believe I forgot to buy the perspex for the roof. Do'oooh! That was no good.

There's an issue over my tubing as well. I can buy it from Montlucon but would you believe that a huge place like that (so huge it has its own railway locomotive) they don't have a bender.They've given me an idea where to go and so I'll follow that up.

And I have my window hooray!!!! That's safely in the van. But as for a front door I can't use the one I  bought recently as it opens the wrong way would you believe. But Lapeyre is finishing the exotic wood selection in February and so their doors are on sale. And the one that I want, that looks just like the window with double glazing all the way down the front, is just €374. I shall have to get working.

At Rob and Nicolette's I gave them their prezzy and thanked them for their help the other day. I was grateful for the effort that they took.

But with me forgetting all sorts of things today, this bang on the head doesn't seem to have helpedme any.   

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