Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The one thing that I like ...

... about having made some space inside the house is that when it rains I can work indoors. And the one thing I like about it raining is that I have plenty of work to do that can be done indoors as well.

And so with the pouring rain this morning I brought inside the struts for the stud wall-cum-ladder that I'll be fitting inside the lean-to and I spent much of today working on them. And to such an extent that I have two of them - the front two - now fitted and screwed into position. Mind you,that involved working in the dark with a torch because we are now on winter hours of course and it goes dark at 17:45.

That's really all the excitement for today - I haven't done very much else, although I made myself a really wicked aubergine and bean casserole kind of thing, with enough left over for two more days as well. I suppose that's fairly exciting.

Tomorrow if the weather is good I'll put up the scaffolding on the lean-to and plan the erection of the wind turbine. And if it rains I'll carry on with the stud walls in the lean-to. That's what I like about having choices.

But I forgot something.

f you have been following my website you will recall that I've been talking about the Nova Scotia Museum of Industry, and in particular the restored Mobile Technical College, "Shopmobile 5". Anyway I've had an e-mail today from the person who was in charge of the restoration project and he's sent me a pile of photos, together with a promise to sort out a pile more stuff for me if I want it. Do bears excrete their waste matter in the woods?

I suppose that that's exciting, isn't it?

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