Sunday, January 29, 2012

It just goes to show ...

... that those people in football clamouring for a winter break mid-season quite simply don't have a clue about whatever it is that they are trying to say. Here we are in the Puy-de-Dôme, having had our 6-week winter break in the mildest winter in the area since records began, and the football season restarts this evening, and today we have had the heaviest snowfall of the winter and so all the matches are postponed.

So much for the winter break.

But not that I am complaining too much. I spent the morning and some of the afternoon working on my presentation of The Trans-Labrador Highway for the local village social evening in a month's time. and I've managed to reach the outskirts of Goose Bay - i.e. well over halfway. So I'm not complaining. It's an ill wind that doesn't blow anyone any good.

But at about 13:30 the snow stopped and we had a little thaw. That was the cue for me to race off to St Eloy and so some shopping. And I was back by 15:00 with the usual stuff, but also two Harry Potter films, the director's cut versions, for €9:99 the pair. I'll have to see what Herry Potter is up to - so far I've managed to avoid those films (except for one that I caught a glimpse of - in French - with Marianne over Christmas).

This afternoon I've turned my room around again. I've done a lot more sorting out, repositioned the furniture and by the time you read this I will have the bed back where it used to be. Only this time, with a proper array of chests of drawers behind it for the clothes. What inspired this was the fact that the new large set that I bought in IKEA in the spring, and the medium sized set that I acquired at a brocante 18 months ago fit together nicely and are exactly the right size to fill one of the alcoves.

But I'm surprised at all of the bedding and stuff that I seem to have acquired since I emptied out Expo. I can see me having a really good sorting out one of these days.

I've left Caliburn on the road at the top of the lane in case the weather continues to turn nasty. From there I can drive him out. Because tomorrow afternoon, Terjat, who I saw last Sunday in a basement Allier 3rd Division clash, are at home again. If I can move around, I'll go for a nosey to see if they really are as bad as they looked last week.


  1. Don't throw all your extra bedding away, remember you'll need some for your guest rooms eventually. Also rolled up old blankets make excellent draft stops along the bottom of doors :-)

  2. Who would want to be a guest here? Unless you have plans, Ms S.