Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There's no point ...

... in having an early night and going to bed early (well, 12:15 is early for me anyway) if you wake up again at 4:45 and can't go back to sleep. Mind you as day started to dawn and I knew that it was soon time to get up, I managed to fall asleep again, and it was 10:15 when I finally woke up. So much for my good resolutions for New Year.

First thing that I did after breakfast was to sort out a design fault on the electric board. The wires to the inverter were bent at an unnatural angle and the live was touching the earth tag. I had to tape over the ends to insulate them and then drill a hole in the board to run them round to the back so that they are lying straight and parallel.

Once I'd organised that I stripped off some of the temporary roof on the lean-to, put some scaffolding up there and put a ladder uop from there to the top of the wind turbine mast. There I turned round the bracket that we had turned when we raised the mast, and straightened out all of the guys. I drilled into the wall, fitted an anchor bolt with an eye, attached a turnbuckle and then fastened a guy to it all and wound it up to take the tension so that  the last is held firm in that direction. That's one out of the for guys sorted out.

After lunch I made a major advance - I started to put the plywood on the roof of the lean-to. It was flaming difficult too - it's not easy pulling those sheets up on my own, but I have three now fastened into position. I'm being careful with the supporting chevrons, having learned my lesson from elsewhere where I've been working. I'm putting the sheets into position and then fitting the chevrons underneath them so that the sheets are supported in the middle and that the edges of each adjacent sheet meet up over a chevron. I recall all kinds of bouncing sheets when I was nailing the tiles on when I did it in other places. I don't want to do that here.

But starting to put the roof on the lean-to. Isn't this progress?

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  1. It is indeed! Hope you get some plastic over the ply before the next monsoon.