Thursday, January 19, 2012

Well that got rid of them.

Yes, I had two visits from solar panel installation sales companies, and neither stayed for very long. And serve them right too. I hate these cold-calling canvassing companies. And there's another one coming tomorrow as well. I can't believe that i'm being snowed under with these blighters.

But this morning started with me being up and about before the alarm, and that doesn't happen very often. And after breakfast I had a mega-woodcutting session, so now the woodpile is looking quite impressive again., as it ought to be.

With the bright sunlight I fired up the huge SDS drill and carried on drilling the core hole through the stone wall into the lean-to, but I wasn't there for long as the sun went in and the clouds came out. That drill is 1200 watts and it needs plenty of sunlight for it to run contunuously.

This afternoon I prepared an order of product to be exported to Canada. When I was there in September, you might recall that I had computer issues, and I met a guy who helped me repair it. He was telling me that he can't easily find 230-volt electrical components in North America, but of course I can over here in Europe and so I've started a new role as supplier of his 230-volt products. That involved, this afternoon, screwing 108 transformers to 2 pieces of plywood (left over from my roof), making a sandwich of the lot and wrapping them in a cardboard box ready for shipping.

Yes, this new little venture can be quite exciting if it comes off.

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