Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunday is a day of rest...

... so I did nothing - not even to write up my blog. I just read the odd book, watched a film and did some more of the presentation. And cooked pizza, garlic bread and rice pudding in the oven. I didn't even manage to watch the superbowl - I was asleep a long time before that.

Mind you, I did do something else. I've changed the furniture round in the room again and I now have the bed-settee going across the room in front of the fire. That's a much more logocal arrangement and it also helps to break up some of the draughts.

Today though, I was back at work. But before that I had breakfasdt of course and as it was so flaming cold in the verandah I ate it up here and I did something that I have been longing to do - namely to run the electric heater simply for some casual heat for 20 minutes or so. We're getting all luxurious around here these days.

And so this morning I had a pile of paperwork to do and one or two phone calls to make, and then some wood to cut up from the dry pile in the lean-to, as I'm close to running out up here. For the rest of the day I was working on the bedroom ceiling.

But with there being plenty of solar energy I had the electric heater running up here, simply for the sake of using the current, and also the electric seat pad working around the water butts. And that seemed to work okay as it produced about 20 litres of water. But if I can find some double-sided tape or something I might make an amendment to that in that I shall set it inside some of that reflective space-blanket insulation stuff, to concentrate the heat against the frozen water.That might work even better.

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