Thursday, March 22, 2012

I didn't quite manage ...

... to do what  was going to do today - "no surprise there " - ed - but I had a pretty good go at it. In fact what distracted me was that every time I moved something in the garden I uncovered a huge bed of nettles underneath it, just on the point of springing into action.

Of course, digging over raised beds and planting seeds is not the kind of thing that is timed to the second, but all of these nettles about to burst into life may well be. So, wearing thick gloves this time, I set to with the gratter and pulled up as many as I could. And there were thousands too, and I haven't finished yet by any means.

This morning though, I was editing photos. and not just any photos but the ones from the last couple of weeks of footy. I'm keeping the footy photos separate, on a fast-action SD card, the fastest one I could find, so that the camera reacts quicker to me pressing the shutter.

It's for that reason too that I bought a 50mm lens with manual focus - that I could set it to infinity and it wouldn't waste time recalibrating for every shot.

But in fact I'm pretty disappointed with this lens despite the money that I paid for it. The focusing has a tendency to float away from infinity and sometimes I forget to reset it (and I don't see why I should have to either) and as well as that, the lens is nothing like as sharp as I would like, especially considering how much I paid for the lens. I can crop sections out of my cheap generic 28-105mm zoom lens and magnify them quite impressively, but with this lens, even a normal-aspect image is not sufficiently good. 

Anyway my reverie was interrupted by Terry who was going past and so came for a chat. and while he was there someone phoned me up about a dumper that he had for sale. Terry and I have a day out tomorrow, so it seems.

I did manage to clear one of the raised beds in the middle of all this. But planting seed will have to wait until next week. I'm busy now for a few days what with one thing and another.

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