Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm going to have an early night ...

... in a couple of minutes. All of this paperwork in the morning is wearing me out. But still, it's nice to be up early (well, early for me, anyway) and spend the morning with a pot of coffee. Ohh what luxury!

But once the paperwork period was over, I excelled myself by doing a little tidying up in the bedroom where I've been working. I can actually see some floor now, and that's real progress. I've also been tidying up a little in the barn, and outside I've fought my way further down the garden and hacked out a load of brambles. What I'll be doing tomorrow afternoon if it stays nice (and today was easily the nicest day of the year with over 120 amp-hours on one of the solar banks) will be to have a garden fire and burn a load of dead vegetation, and then move one of the compost bins to its final position. Won't that be a cue for a torrential rainstorm?

The hourmeters for the solar banks, those that I installed yesterday, are giving me the results that I expected, but the hourmeter on the overcharge is not quite so good. It seems that there's some current seeping through the overcharge controller once the voltage passes 13.4 volts. Not much - a question of a couple of milli-amps or so - but it's enough to start the hourmeter working. These things are so sensitive that this one is feeding off the current that is seeping. The old car clock that I was using before couldn't detect that current, and so te figures are going to be a little distorted as from now on.

Another thing that I've been doing, or at least, trying to do, is to continue to drill this 48mm hole through the wall between the lean-to and the house in order to pass some electrical cables through? But for some reason, the first 25cms went through without any real effort whatsover but ever since then it's been making no impression at all, and I'm not halfway yet. Today with an hour or so, I reckon that I made almost one centimetre. There's definitely something not quite right about this

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  1. Sounds like a lump of steel I tried to drill through. My HSS bits normally whizzed through steel but this went half way and stopped. I had to nip out and get a carborundum bit and that whizzed through the hard patch.