Monday, April 2, 2012

Coming back from the Anglo-French group tonight...

... I noticed in my rear-view mirror just how nicely Pionsat was looking this evening.

There's a certain spot near the old Roman Road up here where there's a good view down into the valley and I've had one or two decent photos from there.

In case you are wondering, which I'm sure that you are, although I live 5 or 6 kms from Pionsat there's a height difference of about 140 metres - Pionsat being at about 530 metres and me being at 667 metres - and so here there must be 120 metres of difference.

What caught my eye, and if you look very carefully to the left of centre, is the "tent" that is covering the exposed roof of of the Medieval chateau in the centre of the town. It's being replaced at the moment and so they have this plastic tarpaulin thing over the top. There are a few lights burning away underneath the tarpaulin, and the whole thing looked from here as if it was some kind of Chinese lantern. It really was bizarre.

So this morning I was recording radio programmes again, and then I came home and did some gardening for the rest of the day. I had another fire of all of the dried weeds and so on, and then went round pulling up yet more to add to the conflagration. This place is looking quite a bit different from a couple of months ago.

I've also planted the new potatoes. They are where they should be for now, and I'll be intrigued to see what they might do. They are churning up the large bed that I laid out this year - the one that will eventually be the home of the fruit bushes. I also wasted a few surplus watts of energy on attacking the hole that I'm trying to drill through the wall. but another half hour and I reckon that I've advanced maybe a millimetre. there's something not quite right about this.

All of the plants that I've been buying these last couple of weeks - they are now in a plastic box that has about 20mm of water in it - to give them all a good soaking before I plant them this week.

But never mind the exertions - I stopped for lunch at about 14:30, had a sandwich and a coffee, and the next thing that I remember was that it was 16:05. All of this work is taking it out of me.


  1. Is the drill bit blunt or have you hit a hard spot?

  2. It's not a drill bit - it's a 48mm diamond-coated core drill

  3. Has the diamond coating come off? Diamond should go through just about anything, Try it on a handy piece of granite as a test.