Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I've reached the end of the road.

That's not it - the Chemin du Roy ends another 18 kms down there. And down at the end is a construction site, a crane and that's that. No little man handing out Blue Peter badges or anything. That was disappointing.

What is even more disappointing is that I can't go any further. There's a boat about 15 kms from here - at Natasquan - that plies up and down the coast going to all of the isolated ports and islands and ends up on the road much higher up the Labrador coast, but with the ice melting 3 weeks earlier the boat will be full of supplies and provisions for the next three weeks and there's no space for a car in the hold. And so that has scuppered that idea.

What I'll have to do is the try again to complete my route next September after the Music festival, but book it well in advance. I could really enjoy a 60-hour boat trip. I won't get to see the icebergs higher up though, but I can do something about that as well for later.

But apart from that I've had a lovely drive out here and I'm not driving all of the way back because one of the seasonal ferries starts up tomorrow - from Forestville to Rimouski and I'll see about crossing the St Lawrence on that.

I've found a few good places to park up but none of them so far beats the Pointe des Monts not too far from Godbout where I was on Sunday night. What with a full moon at one of the times in the century when the moon is the closest to earth with a cloudless sky and next to the St Lawrence, this will not ever be bettered.

I had a day too of not spending any money at all - the second one of those so far. having a camping stove and a supply of tinned food and coffee as well as stuff to make a few butties - this was really a good move. And hiring a Dodge Grand Caravan and putting a bed in it, that was a good idea too. I've had a few nights' sleep just recently that have been the best that I have ever had. 

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