Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blimey! This is early!

Isn't it just? But I've finished everything that I need to do and I'm not sure now how to go about killing time until later. I might even go and have an early night.

i'm not sure why though, because if anyone were to ask me what is it that I've done today, the response would effectively be "badger all"! It all started to go wrong when the alarm clocks rang this morning. "Just another 5 minutes" I said to myself, and the next thing that I knew was that it was 09:40.

Mind you, the weather was gorgeous at that time of the morning and so I profited by having a leisurely breakfast - interrupted by a knock on the door. That was Liz, who had brought back the rest of the washing that I had left there on Monday. As a reward, she departed with some oregano and tarragon, because that's going berserk at the moment.

But that reminded me - the washing that I did on Monday was still in a plastic bag in Caliburn and so seeing as it was a lovely day, I hung that out to finish off drying, and wasn't that a big mistake? Cue the big black rain cloud and that was that.

And while I was discussing the washing with myself the phone rang. Rosemarie - "they can't fix the wheel on my car today and seeing as I'm at a loose end I'll come round and help you do some weeding". That led to a hasty tidying up and so on around here. But of course when Rosemarie arrived she brought with her a few more rain clouds and so we sat around drinking coffee and chatting for most of the afternoon. Rosemarie also departed with some oregano and tarragon.

I have a great deal of work to do and I cant really spare the time but nevertheless time spent with friends is never wasted. I'll just have to work twice as hard tomorrow, won't I?

And thanks, Joy, for your little note about the spray bottles for the vinegar mix. I'll give that a go when (if ever) the weather dries up. It's too wet for anything right now.

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