Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm trying to think ...

... what I did today. And it took me a while to do that. Thinking is not my strong point, especially at this time of night.

One thing that I have done is to put my back out. I had to move 8 batteries today - 200 amp-hour ones and each one weighing 60kgs. They are in boxes so I couldn't get at the handles, and lifting them off the ground into the wheelbarrow was not a good idea. Taking them out of the wheelbarrow and stacking them in the barn was likewise not so good, but I'm glad that I did fix the wheelbarrow the other day otherwise I'd be in real difficulties.

This mornjing though was exciting. Someone has ordered a pile of photos from me. A few years ago, knowing that a famous football ground in North Wales was going to be demolished, I wandered around there photographing everything that there was to photograph. And sure enough, as I expected, someone has decided to write a book about the history of the ground and has seen my photos on the internet. Consequently, I spent all morning editing and enhancing the images.

This afternoon, apart from moving the batteries, I moved a few other things too, but a torrential rainstorm, as predicted, put a stop to that. Anyway, that gave me the opportunity to finish painting the walls of the cupboard on the 1st floor and that's now looking quite good. Fitting the flooring should take about an hour or so, and then I need to make the shelves. That will be a big boost to everything around here when that is finished.