Thursday, October 11, 2012

What a day!

Someone told me that this was supposed to be the best day of the week. Well, I suppose that if you were a duck, then they would have been right. It rained from morning until evening, with just two little breaks of about half an hour.

And did I say rain? Yes, 11mm of rain has fallen today. It's now been 5 days that it's rained.

This morning, I did the usual but before lunch went and dug up the beetroot and picked the beans and peas. They are all dry and rattling around in their pods after the summer that we had, and there are tons of beetroot too.

After lunch, I did what I said that I would do, and emptied the verandah. Well, I didn't. I couldn't face doing that, wuss that I am. But all of the paper is out (and I needed the wheelbarrow to move it, there was so much that it was far too heavy to lift) and all of the glass jars, pots and the like have gone too. Some jars and pots I've kept - others have gone into Caliburn to be dropped at the dechetterie tomorrow and once I take down the washing (if it ever will dry, of course) I'll be able to move around in there. That's progress.

I also carried on moving stuff off the hardstanding. It's not like me to be out there in rain gear so close to knocking noff time but I wanted to sort out the glass before I go to the dechetterie - there are tons of broken bits that need taking.

Looks like i'll be busy tomorrow.

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  1. If you have a good big fan blowing on your laundry, it will dry much quicker than it will, just drip drying. A fan is almost as good as a heated fan.