Saturday, November 10, 2012

What an extraordinary football match!

I've just come back from watching Pionsat's 1st XI play St Bonnet. Pionsat's defence was ripped to shreds by a lightning-quick St Bonnet attack who played in a very physical manner. Pionsat were denied a dead-cert penalty when one of their players was pushed (and a clear two-handed push at that) off the ball, missed a penalty that was awarded, well, for something that only the referee saw (even Pionsat's linesman, who was down at that end, said that he saw nothing to get excited about), and despite all of that, Pionsat ran out 2-1 winners. I've absolutely no idea how that happened, and neither had anyone else.

As for the 2nd XI, despite having a decent team out there tonight, they ran out of steam and lost 3-1. It seemed to me that several of the players just weren't "with it" tonight, a vast contrast to the last couple of matches when they played with real enthusiasm. This was definitely a couple of points thrown away.

So despite what I said last night, it was after 04:00 when I went to bed - clearly my guilty conscience is pricking me. And with going to bed at 04:00, you can imagine just how difficult it was to raise myself at 07:45. I was rather like a zombie for an hour or so this morning - "only an hour or two? ... ed - although I managed to finish my rock music radio programme.

Off then for a flying visit to the shops in St Eloy and then round to Rosemarie's to help her move some stuff and to receive the low-down on her date on Thursday night. If you ask me, I think that it's cute, all these people going out on dates;

So tomorrow it's my weekly lie-in and then bits and pieces until the afternoon when I shall be off to Terjat to see them in action at home. I aren't 'arf getting about these days, aren't I?

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