Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Guess who ...

... forgot to blog last night?

There I was, lying in bed going through in my mind the things that I should and shouldn't have done, and it was then that I remembered. mind you, it was about 03:00 (I had a late night) and I wasn't going to get up and do it at that time

It had been a comparatively busy day too for round here. An early start saw me bash on with the Christmas special and I made huge strides in putting down what I need to say. In the best traditions of the Open University, I just write stuff down as it occurs to me, and then go through and edit it later. Ohhh, the joys of "cut and paste".

A break at lunchtime though because Terry came round to pick up his orders from the UK. Piles of stuff there was too. We agreed that, seeing as he knows all of the best contacts, he'll order on my behalf the new winter tyres for Caliburn off the internet. Caliburn won't know himself, what with all of these new tyres just now. He's certainly having a good Christmas.

At the Anglo-French group, at first there was just me. Terry came in later and explained that he had had to fight a major blizzard round by St Gervais, which explained why no-one from that neck of the woods appeared. Jex told me that Marianne was in hospital (she hadn't been looking too well last time I saw her) and so that explained that.

This morning I rang up Marianne and found out that she had been released. "Expelled, more like" I told her, but it was nice to hear her voice. She certainly sounded better. What wasn't so good was the news that I had from Rosemarie when she phoned up later. It appears that he's been rushed to hospital, quite ill. That's really sad news because his general health isn't so good at all. I do hope that he recovers quickly.

Apart from that, the Christmas Special is progressing nicely. There's enough now to make a decent programme and when Liz tells me of her choice of music I can tidy it up and finish it off.

I'll be glad when it's all done - I can go back to bringing up to date the Quebec web pages upon which I've been working since the summer.

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