Monday, April 18, 2011

The full moon tonight ...

... was really beautiful and as I was cooking my pizza I had half an eye on it slowly moving around. Later when I was doing the washing up it was just appearing above a rare scattered cloud and it had the little wind turbine in a perfecr silhouette. I couldn't resist it.

But rare indeed are the clouds these days. I'm going to be tempting fate by saying that apart from two days where there has been a minimum amount of rain, the odd drop or two, there's been no rain here at all for 14 days. Now that's guaranteed to produce a thunderstorm, isn't it?

And talking of full moons, I reckon I should be spending tomorrow planting, rather like Neil Young's mates in Thrasher I'll be hiding behind hay bales and planting in the full moon tomorrow. There are the spuds to put out for a start, as well as a few other things. And there's definitely more than a few signs of life in the cloche now.

It was Sunday today and so a day of rest. But not really - I was up and about before 10:00 and I did some tidying up in here first as well as doing some research into my Newfoundland pages. But the weather was so gorgeus that I went outside and did some tidying up and general nonsense.

After lunch the water in the home-made immersion heater was at 50-odd degrees, what with the blue cloudless sky and all that, so that was the cue for a load of washing, especially as it was a blowy kind of day. While that was doing itself I went down to Pionsat to watch the 1st XI play St Bonnet. They were a loud-mouthed lippy team when I saw them at home, giving the referee all kinds of grief. Today, the official referee didn't turn up so Damien ended up refereeing.

That was the cue for all kinds of histrionics. And just how stupid are some footballers? It was 1-1 and one of the St Bonnet defenders had already been given a yellow card for dissent. He actually scores a goal a few minutes later to put his team in the lead and to celebrate, goes up to Damien and says "how about that then, you **** **** ****?" So he's sent to the dressing room as you might expect, St Bonnet are down to 10 men, the missing player being a defender of course, and Pionsat win 3-2 accordingly.

 There are no disputes about any of Pionsat's goals - they are all excellent well-taken efforts esepcially the second one, which was a peach. But somehow St Bonnet still moan and groan all the way through the final 30 minutes of the match, and carry on long after the final whistle, and it isn't going to do them any good.

And so the football being over, it's back home to finish the washing and while that was doing, I did some more tidying up but this time in the little roon underneath the barn. There's tons of stuff in there and it all needs to be sorted out.

So tomorrow I have the website to work on for a couple of hours, and then planting my stuff for the second half of April. Tomorrow night is Anglo-Francais night at St Eloy as well - it's a busy day tomorrow.

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