Monday, May 9, 2011

And just for a change ...

... seeing as it was Sunday, I was up and breakfasted by 08:30. And I can't even manage that usually on a weekday when I'm supposed to be working, never mind a Sunday when I didn't go to bed until 03:45.

Anyway, after watching a film on the DVD I set about attacking the huge pile of paperwork that's been accumulating here for the past two years or so. Half of it has gone into the bin, most of the other half has been put tidily for now, and (most importantly) all of the bank statements that I can find for now have beeh filed away. One plan that I have is to spend 15 minutes each day on the Central France Paperwork Mountain until it's all filed away. Mind you, with an average lifespan of just about 18 years left to me, I'm not sure that there will be enough time left.

All of that took me to, would you believe, 14:00 and so I had enough time to grab a butty before going off to St Marcel for the match against Beaune D'Allier. And having seen yesterday the world's smallest centre-half, today I had the privilege of seeing the world's narrowest football pitch. St Marcel were comprehensively beaten 4-2, but the standard of play (for a 1st Division match at level 7 of the French pyramid) was absolutely woeful. Pionsat's 3rd XI, more renowned for their enthusiasm than their skill, could have spanked both these teams with plenty to spare.

And I manage to keep up my record of one moment of skill each year from the touchline. Another high chandelle - or "up-and-under" to the uninitiated, right over where I'm standing, and finding myself right underneath it, I wait until it's dropped right down and then head it back into play. Three years running now that I've done that.

On the way homw I have a little hunt around St Fargeol for the old railway station there but I'm not able to find it, and back home, with the solar water at 39°C (the sun now clearing the trees) I have a gorgeous solar shower. I quite enjoyed that.

With a coffee and a film I sit down on my room but the exertions of the day, particularly the late finish and early start, mean that the next thing that I know is that it's 22:20 - yes, I've crashed out again, and I had so much to do this evening. Ahh well.

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