Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've moved the Cortina ...

... and you can see it in its new home. That's where it will be staying for the foreseeable future.

Mind you, it wasn't easy to get it in there though. The manual chain winch was one thing - the big trolley jack to pick up the rear end and pivot it round in a tight enclosed space was something else completely. Not to mention the time I had to spend in sweeping out the barn just there. Two dustbin-loads of rubbish and dust and whatever else might be in there. I'll have to have an hour or so to sift it through.

The caravan body is gone too. And that's not the only thing that has gone too. A 4-metre length of plastic guttering off the barn and two plastic dustbins went as well. And some of the plastic off the offcuts of barn roof, that has gone too. The heat off a burning caravan body is ferocious and took me completely by surprise. Aluminium melts at 660°C and judging by the holes in the caravan roof we had more than that in some parts of the conflagration. The wisdom of having a fire like that in the middle of a drought like this is something that I should have bargained for.

Anyway I was still working at 19:40 putting the Cortina away. It shows you how much I was enjoying myself, losing track of time.

And where was I yesterday? Well, the blog-host was down and so I couldn't upload my entry. Awoken at the ridiculous hour of 07:30 by a huge hornet that flew into my room and couldn't work its way out, I was out in the garden at 11:15. Now all of that is up-to-date and I managed a little shower (and it would have been a big one if the water hadn't un out) before going to the Anglo-French group.

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