Monday, May 2, 2011

I forgot to mention yesterday ...

... that it pays to study my website, and study it in depth too. And I'm not joking either. Long-term readers will recall that back in 2002 I went to Cheyenne in Wyoming. While I was there I went for a wander around a xeriscape project, and I told you all about it.

Anyway , while I was in the Auchan on Saturday it was the gardeners' fair and they were having all kinds of spot-quizzes. And one of the questions was "what kind of plant is a xeriphile?" Of course, having been to a xeriscape site, Yours Truly knew the answer to this - he was the only one in the hypermarket who did, and he won a tray of 12 marigolds. And so don't let anyone tell you that what I write about is a waste of time and effort. You might win a tray of 12 marigolds too.

Meanwhile, Sunday is a day of rest - or so it ought to be if you dodn't get these stupid "you have just received an important message - please ring ...". If I ever find out who is behind that kind of message they won't ever play football again, that's for sure.

And so eventually I had breakfast, and then finished off the autoentrepreneur sessions for the radio - which took me up to lunchtime. And then, with the water temperature on 50°C, a nice windy afternoon with bright sunshine, that was the cue for a load of washing. And I'm glad I did it too because now the two water butts are empty again. That means that tomorrow I can install the new improved system of connections and not have to worry too much about wasting any water, although with just about 50 litres in store I'm going to be struggling if it doesn't rain by the weekend.

In the evening I went round to Terry and Liz's to return the trailer, pick up my roof ladder, get Liz to show me how to change the ink cartridges in the printer (which is flaming complicated for such a simple task) and run through Tuesday's radio programmes. But it's not easy seeing as it's the final day of Liz's grandson being there - he and his mum and dad go home tomorrow.

So with a working printer and a roofing ladder I'm now back home. But for some reason I'm having that feeling - you know - the one that you have when you put your foot on a step and it isn't there.

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