Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I now have a new beichstuhl

and here's a photo of it in ill its glory - minus the tongue-and-grooved cladding of course.

Did I mention that when I was at Les Bonnes Affaires the other day they had a couple of 20-litre aluminium casseroles? And just €9:99 too. I thought that I would try one because being a casserole it would be watertight, it has a tight-fitting lid and it shouldn't be prone to rusting - that so-called stainless steel bin that I bought from IKEA is rusty already and leaking, after less that a year and so it needed to be changed. At least this gives me an opportunity to redesign it.

It isn't finished because I can't find the hinges for the top part, and I can't find the clips to hold the seat on, but they'll turn up somewhere sometime.

Such delightful things that I talk about on my blog.

I started that after I'd been working on my voyage around Cape breton Island, but I didn't get a head start on it like I wanted. Another succession of cold canvassers, and the guy from Pionsat Patrimoine who doesn't understand the meaning of the sentence "I'm busy and I don't have time to deal with these photos right now" - mind you, the time it took him on the phone, I could have done it.

Tomorrow I'm going to strip out Caliburn, including removing the seats, and see what's in there, and see if I can't find that SatNav (although I'm not optimistic about that). I need to get ready to go to the UK.

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  1. Straps Engaged - check
    Bean Casserole intake complete - check
    Ignition... Check
    Main thrusters start... Check
    Liftoff... We have liftoff of the good ship bean casserole bechstuhl, powered by the innovative new bean casserole fuel system, captained by Eric Dangerous Hall.