Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've all gone quiet over here.

Yes, my Livebox has been hit by lightning and until I can get a new one sent to me I have no internet connection and so I can't keep my blog up-to-date "Hooray" ... ed. And so how come I'm on the internet now? Actually, I'm at Liz and Terry's making very kind use of their internet here.

Today, after working on the topic for our radio programmes next week (we will be talking about the Post Office) I went to the plant fair at St Gervais. This is where people sell their surplus garden plants to those whose crops have been wiped out by intemperate weather, and I now have some peppers, chilis, tomatoes, oregano, all kinds of stuff like that. There was even some natural soap for deep-cleaning the skin (I'll need that when I finally start on the old cars that I have to restore) and some natural soap for dealing with stains on clothing.

After that I went to Cellule, near Davayat to watch Pionsat's 1st XI get soundly spanked. After that, we watched a football match and PIonsat's 1st XI were beaten 5-2. But then again, playing with a back four of Lord Lucan, Martin Bormann and a couple of Easter Island statues it was hardly surprising. They were employing what I call the "Lego defence" - they all go to pieces in the box.

And now we have been rehearsing our radio programme for Tuesday - the morning it's Radio Tartasse and in the afternoon it's Radio Arverne.

Yesterday our walk went really well. We tramped for miles, found a couple of natural springs, the chapel that Marianne the journalist/historian and I visited the other day, and of course the Gold Mine - although we didn't find the gold. Mind you, Emilie, the girl who led the walk, knows where you CAN go to do some gold-panning and furthermore is taking a coach trip there on 5th of June. What a shame that I won't be here for that.

We had a meal as well afterwards and so much for all my plans - what with one thing and another it was gone 21:00 when we left. Time flies so quickly when you are in good, convivial company.

Anyway, Liz wants her computer back and so I have to go. I don't know when it might be that I'll be on line again, but I'll be back as soon as I can.

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