Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today was a better day.

At least I was up at a reasonable time, for a change and had the usual couple of hours on the web pages. And although I didn't advance far down the Canso Peninsula I managed to cover about 750 years and three continents, such is the controversy surrounding the alleged voyage of Sir Henry Sinclair to Chedabucto Bay sometime in the late 14th Century.

I carried on with Caliburn and he is now all reassembled and roadworthy, with a nice, clean and tidy cab and almost all the electrics working. You've no idea how much junk I took out, and how much I threw away either, but I didn't find the SatNav, which is a pain. Mind you, a couple of quid, 5 Canadian cents and about 2 Euros made it worthwhile from that point of view. I would rather have the SatNav though.

We went for a run into Pionsat to draw some cash and to go to the Post Office to post Mike's birthday present but blast it - it's POETS Day isn't it? And I missed the post.

Back here I didn't manage to empty out the back of Caliburn as we had a torrential downpour - 14.5mm of rain fell and that's a lot. Fed up with this blasted non-working water system, I dismantled it in the pouring rain and cleaned it all out. Now some kind of water is getting through but still nothing like enough and I'll have to redesign it. I know a way to make it work.

But this weekend I'm really busy and so it won't be until Monday that I can carry on.

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