Friday, May 20, 2011

I've not been having a very good day today

I was up at a reasonable time (for a change just recently) and managed a good couple of hours on the Nova Scotia pages (yes, I've made it onto the Canadian mainland at last) but then I had to sort out a huge pile of photographs for this house that we visited the other week - the chairman of the local history society has been on to me about them.

This afternoon I finished scrubbing Caliburn's dashboard and it all looks quite pretty there now, and then I tackled the wiring. And what a mess that was. In the end I ripped all of it out and completely redid it, but in a much-simplified form. I have the two fuse boxes properly fastened in and all of the connections are now inside a sealed plastic box to stop them being pulled out. And now the spare battery charges itself up with the solar panels and the split charge relay like it was supposed to.

I would have finished it too but at about 19:15 (I was still out there working then) we had a terrific thunderstorm, and 5mm of rain fell in minutes. and that was when I noticed that this water filter system STILL isn't working, and I've no idea why. I'm going to strip it down as soon as I finish Caliburn, whenever that might be. And I think a battery is boiling up too judging by the smell. And that s depressing me too.

And in other news, I now have four governments to support .

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