Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wonders will never cease

Biollet St Maurice put two past Pionsat's 3rd XI tonight as you might expect, but Pionsat replied with FIVE (or was it 6? I lost count). That doesn't happen very often, does it? Mnd you, Pionsat were bolstered by Cedric and Sebastien from the 1st XI, playing their first competitive matches for months following long injuries. Rusty and short of match fitness they may well have been, but they made something of a small difference to the team. The others on the pitch somehow picked up their game and were doing things that they don't usually do - but that's the difference between "being beaten before they start" and "having loads of encouragement and support from the other two teams" - something that I've been saying for years.

And there's no football anywhere tomorrow - not even in the Allier. It's cup final day, so it seems. What am I going to do?

This morning that solar panel guy came to see me, and he stayed for about 5 minutes. That suits me. I have no sympathy for canvassers and cold callers.

This afternoon I went to Commentry for the shopping and apart from the usual stuff I made some puchases for the water filters. Chatting to the guys in Bricomarche they had some fibreglass flyscreen stuff at €7:50 per square metre - much better for making a sand filter than a nylon stocking. The Centrakor came up with a pair of those anti-spatter frying pan covers that will be ideal for cutting down and also some stainess steel conical tea strainsers, fine for conical puzzolane-filter housings that I'm building.

The Bonnes Affairescame up with some aluminium mesh gutter coversthat they use for keeping leaves out. I can make good use of them too, especially at the reduced rate of €1 for a packet ot 0.8 square metres (I bought three). They also had some big casserole saucepans - 12-litre or thereabouts in aluminium for €9.99. I bought one of them to see if it's any good for making an enclosed composting toilet.

And remember my posting of a few weeks ago about some interesting or exciting news that might be happening? Well, can tell you something but instead I'll leave you to stew for a few more days.

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