Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And if you thought ...

that yesterday's temperature was good, then it had nothing on today's weather.

The temperature in the heat exchanger went off the scale - that means more than 70°C - and the ambient temperature reached 39°C or so. But where that gauge is though - that's in the shade underneath the water tank. IN the ful sum the temperature reached an astonishing 42.1°C and I've never ever recorded anything approaching that before.

The really astonishing bit though is the solar water. That reached 47.5°C and I scalded myself when I had a shower this afternoon. I've never had a temperature like that either and I celebrated by having a solar shave - such is the high life that I live.

And so this morning I was burnt out of bed by the sun (well it was rather late, I suppose) and after breakfast I set about the radio programmes for the next month. But it was impossible to work up here and in the end I had to put a chair in the bedroom that I'm working on - it's cooler there. But by 15:00, and a long way from being finished, I was burnt out of there too. By that time, the temperature up here had reached 34.1°C and I don't recall ever having a temperature like that up here either.

With the water heating up in the electric water heater (I increased the insulation yesterday) I did the rest of the washing and now that's up-to-date and I even have clean bedding for tonight. Whatever next?

Round to Liz and Terry's to rehearse the programmes and they very kindly fed and watered me for which I am grateful - and so back here where, with the sun having gone down (but still 27°C and 42°C in the solar water) I watered all of the plants - and they needed it too. I used about 100 litres of water - everywhere is parched after the last few days.

In other news, this is an interesting article. It seems that a woman has been taunting a disabled policeman.

Now whatever you might think about the person and the offence served the Judges are thinking of sentencing her to "time served". That means that she has been refused bail when she was originally remanded. How come you can't get bail for an offence like this when only a week ago someone accused of murder was remanded on bail? And the murder victim - involved in a robbery with violence - was on bail for a similar offence? never mind Deep Purple and their "one law for the rich and one for the poor" - it seems that there's one law for the civilians and another law for the police in the UK - as many people will no doubt tell you.

And being sentenced to "time served" - i.e. a minimum of 12 weeks - for this kind of thing when robbers and muggers and al those kinds of people are give suspended sentences or fined or conditional discharges - the UK is totally off its head, as I keep on saying.

Whether or not you agree with what the defendant said, that's not the point. The whole point is that in a free country the existence of free speech is championed. But when you start to criticise the forces of law and order you get a prison sentence. The UK is just like Zimbabwe or China these days. Libya was bombed for less.


  1. Hello - I'm new to your blog. After reading the BBC article all I can say is as a woman much worse has been said to me on more occasions than I can remember but far from it being seen as an offence, it is regarded as normal and amusing by much of the population and I can only imagine the response of the police if I reported it!

    It was searingly hot here in East Anglia too, yesterday.

  2. I just think that letting robbers and murderers out on the streets on bail and remanding in custody people charged with speaking words that cause distress or alarm just goes to show that the UK has totally lost all sense of proportion.

    Anyway, thanks for your comment and welcome to the Blog.