Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Evil Has Landed

Well, something like that anyway. I'm here ("but not ALL here" - ed)

Having had a lazy day, being too tensed up to do too much, I set off at about 22:00 and went via Liz and Terry's to borrow their SatNav. And off I set and followed the instructions - and it didn't half take me on a tortuous route - via Orleans (sightseeing in Orleans at 02:00 is different, to say the least) - Dreux and into the suburbs of Rouen where I spent the night on the banks of the River Seine at the confluence of the River Eure.

Sightseeing next morning at Pont a l'Arche and then onwards to the coast where I spent the evening exploring a couple of huge gun sites on the Atlantic Wall near Boulogne, including one that had a direct hit from a "Grand Slam" - and then shipspotting with the binoculars at Cap Griz Nez. At one moment there were 42 ships in binocular range - not for nothing is it described as the busiest sea lane in the world.

Through the tunnel and up to Markyate for the night, then shower and beans-on-toast at the Watling Street Cafe. Up to Stoke on Trent for a few bits and pieces and placing my order at Benchdollar for pipes and clamps - and then a lucky find. Just down the road is a new self-store unit opened up, and they will do me the same deal as I get in St Helens, but at half the price. It's much nearer to my points of orbit too and that has to be useful. Rather than having to drive 85 miles every time I need to check my post, I now travel just 200 metres from Benchdollar.

So Nantwich this afternoon to sort out my bank again, and tomorrow I'm going up to St Helens to close everything down up there as well as doing a quick trip to Manchester.

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