Monday, May 30, 2011

What a beautiful day!

Yes, definitely a leading candidate for the nicest day of the year so far. And I spent the morning sleeping - after all, it is Sunday. And if I hadn't had to have gone for a ride on the porcelain horse I might still be there now.

But then again I might not, for Percy Penguin rang me for a chat this morning. She says that she's missing me and so I told her to improve her aim.

And so after breakfast and a little relax it was off to the footy. Marcillat's 2nd XI are pretty awful and they kept Commentry out until about 60 minutes into the game when they completely folded up and lost 4-0.

That led to a quick thrash down the road to Pionsat just in time for the match against Manzat. Mind you, the start was delayed while the referee checked the names, identities and shirt numbers of the Manzat team, all 14 of whom seemed to be called Mohammed. I counted 5 players who were obliged by the referee to change shirts, and why they were wearing the incorrect shirts I shall leave it up to you to work out. I'm far too cynical to be objective.

Apart from a slight wobble on the hour mark, Pionsat were never under any pressure and ran out 3-1 winners, with 2 of the nicest goals I have seen for ages. They were slicing through the Manzat defence like a hot knife through butter and in the end the Manzat goalkeeper, who had been screaming at his defence throughout the match, stormed off in disgust.

Even more amazing was that even though it was the last match of the season and despite that fact that no other side was playing, Pionsat could only muster 12 players, none of whom was a goalkeeper and Christophe took the gloves Not that he had much to do - he didn't have one save to make and was beaten once by a shot that would have beaten most other goalkeepers

This evening I had a shower seeing as the water was at 41 °C and at 21:30 I was outside eating a pizza, so nice was the weather.

Tomorrow of course I'm packing ready to leave. I'm on the road late Monday night to do a few hours before bedtime. I hate trying to drive through the daytime.

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