Monday, June 6, 2011

Here's an interesting notice.

. I was always under the impression that the 21st Century was going to be all about doing away with sexual and gender discrimination, and promoting equality and all of this lark. So what part in modern society does a "gender-discriminative" event such as this have to play?

And not only that, it is a blatant ageist-discriminatory event and even worse, it discriminates against single parents who are prevented by this ageism from bringing along their children and yet no childcare or creche facilities are on offer.

The Sheffield City Council and its employees should hang their heads in shame. An event such as this has no place in modern society.

This was photographed at one of my habitual haunts - the Forestry Commission car park at the Ladybower Reservoir. That was where I spent Saturday night. Friday night I had slept on the fishermen's car part at the back of Moston near Sandbach and after doing another mound of paperwork and some internet stuff I went off to meet Cassie, Joanie and Malcolm. it was only meant to be a brief one-hour visit but it was gone 20:00 by the time I left. That took me to Caroline's to rescue His Nibs and we all went out for a pizza and coffee.

This morning after a lie-in (well, it IS Sunday) I went to Towsure in Sheffield for some gas and some other assorted bits and pieces, including a new mounting for the jockey wheel on the Sankey trailer. I want to tart that up a little this year.

This afternoon I went to meet Helena, one of my friends from school, and we had a good chinwag over a coffee or two. Now I'm at the Motorway Services at Washington heading to the seaside at Whitburn where I'll be staying the night if all goes well. Tomorrow His Nibs is being reunited with his sister.

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