Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I didn't get my early night last night.

I had a diversion from my plans.

You might remember that I am now the proud owner of some Transatlantic real estate - an acre and a half in New Brunswick, Canada, right next door to one of the biggest wind farms in the USA. And you might gather that I have plans for this land - to erect a couple of wind turbines and have my own little windfarm on it.

Startling news came in last night, that the Canadian Government has bought the power output of the American windfarm. Now there's only one way that they can run a cable from the wind farm over to Canada, and that's via my land. And if all of the cabling is in place, it will save me a fortune when I build my own wind farm. I might be sitting on a gold mine here.

And so with all of the excitement I didn't get to sleep until I dunno what time, and so I missed a lot of the morning. There was still enough time to do some tidying up up here though, and after lunch I set about the garden. I can now get down to the vegetable plot without getting myself stung, pricked or thorned, and I've started to saw up the tree that has collapsed all across the garden. What a mess that was.

A solar shower followed by a shopping expedition and then the Anglo-French group meeting and then that was the end of one of the nicest sunny days of the year.

But it's not all sun though - I seem to have acquired a wasps' nest right by the bedroom window. That's inconvenient.

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