Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You might be forgiven ...

... for thinking that I haven't done a tap today.

And in fact, I've hardly set my foot outside the door at all. What with one thing and another I've been really busy up here today.

I had another ... errrr ... late-ish morning (I've not recovered from the other day yet) and then did some work on my website until the battery went flat. Once I switched the inverter on, I then set about dealing with my mailbox. Dozens of useless mails have gone into the bin, and I've created loads of directories into which I've filed tons of stuff. Once I work out how to configure a mail server I'll download a pile of these obsolete directories onto my computer and then delete them from my web site.

With a nice streamlined mailbox I then attacked a load of outstanding correspondence and that's all en route. But there's tons of stuff that I haven't done and I'll be here tomorrow as well getting all of that up to date.
I was "summoned to attend" the opening of a picture gallery in Pionsat at 16:30 as Marianne from the Parish magazine needed a report and some photos and she was otherwise engaged elsewhere. I bumped into Francois who was wandering around the village with a ladyfriend and we went for a coffee and a chat. And it seems that my little hint to the local newspaper about the closure of Radio Arverne's Loubeyrat antenna has been picked up and they are running with it, and in spades too.

Back here I carried on with the mail (missing tea, unfortunately) and I'm now on the verge of appointing accountants and creating a limited company for my little wind farm. There's also the possibility of some kind of consultancy on the horizon too - it seems that there's a company in Canada that specialises in this kind of thing and it will save me endless hours and endless amounts of cash tracking down a suitable wind turbine supplier if they already have the contacts.

I've also made an astonishing discovery too on the Maplin website. How about this little thing? Never mind the negative reviews, posted by people who don't seem to understand the principle of wind turbines, this will be a fascinating little gadget to have on the side of the house here, and if I make it detachable, it will be good for use at shows and also for sticking on the side of Caliburn whenever we are parked up at the seaside. That's an excellent price too, and even as we speak there's one winging its way to my new mailbox in Stoke on Trent. I'll have to have a play with that.

And so tomorrow I'll be up here again carrying on with the correspondence. And quite right too - there's tons of it to do.


  1. I gave up ages ago on online reviews. It's touch and go whether they're good or bad. My Canon S1 IS had a review that was very poor. The reviewer clearly had not even read the manual or handled the camera. Similarly I had an Epson printer that had great reviews and which was total garbage. I sold that and afterwards gave it a negative review. After that, only negative reviews were seen.

    I've seen awful reviews of just about everything. I've seen great reviews about just about everything. I just don't bother with reviews now.

  2. It was the kind of comment that "it doesn't go round when the wnd starts to blow" or somethng like that - most low-energy wind turbines kick off at about 3 metres per second - it says quite clearly on the destructions that it starts at 8mps.

    The other comment was something like "you can't see the display read-out on the machine when it is erected". That sounds pretty obvious to me.