Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm not going to be here much longer

I've already crashed out twice this evening and so I'll be going to bed before I do it a third time.

I blame last night myself. With it being the shortest night I stayed awake to welcome in the dawnand so it was 05:30 when I went to bed. Up at 11:00 and then another day working up here. All the correspondence is now up to date except one quote for someone that I need to do tomorrow, and I had to spend a while on the phone sorting that out too. But now I know what I need.

I've also been researching and I've had loads of help from Canadian politicians again. Seems like they are a nice friendly bunch of people.

But the shortest night already. Where did all of the first half of the year go? It seemed like only yesterday that I was complaining about the short days. we'll be back amongst them before we know where we are.

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