Friday, June 24, 2011

It's been another day ...

... that I have spent working up here, and I've never been so busy. After the usual couple of hours on my web site it was back to the correspondence and, for a change, sorting out the photos. This last three days I've sent 60 e-mails and received just as many. I've also had plenty of phone calls too.

Apart from that, I've bought a new wind turbine, been in endless discussion about having a 3-metre wind turbine specially made for me, bought a new anemometer and ordered the spare parts to repair an anemometer that is lying around here doing not very much since a chevron fell on it while we were stripping the barn roof.

And so all in all I've been rushed off my feet.

Tomorrow is more of the same and I've also been invited out to another one of these previews of an exhibition - this time in Marcillat. Clean bib and tucker I suppose.

In other news, while the rest of the world is hurriedly dismantling "disPERSONtaling" - ed its nuclear reactors, the crazy Brits are going to build some more. "We need ... secure, low carbon, affordable energy", says Energy Minister Charles Hendry. Where's he been hiding this last three months?

Surprisingly, with about 30% of England's population living within 30 miles of London, there's not a single nuclear power plant proposed for there. Why not? If nuclear power is so safe? Why not site them where they are needed, in the major centres of population? We'll soon here who is for and who is against when they have one on their own doorstep.

Apart from that, one thing that the British government hasn't mentioned is that the preferred bidder for the British Nuclear Fuel industry is EDF - Electricite de France. France is running down its own nuclear reactors and has no plans for any more. And so where does anyone think that the UK's nuclear electrical energy output will go once the French take over?

The Brits just don't get it, do thay? Dustbin of the world.

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