Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dunno what's the matter with me just recently.

I can't seem to get to sleep at all these days. It's almost 05:00 and I'm still wide-awake, and it was 05:00 last night when I retired. But this morning I was up at 10:30 and it was just as well because at 11:00 Terry rang me up. He'd had a few issues withe the digger and needed a hand.

And so off I toddled and Terry and I spent most of the day sorting it out. It's quite a learning curve, this machine, that's for sure.

Afterwards I went off to this opening in Marcillat where I met Marianne again, Danielle from the Anglo-French group and plenty of other people that I knew. And someone asked me "are you ok for tomorrow still?". It seems that there is a meeting of English-speaking people in the Marcillat area and I'm supposed to be speaking at it. So that's another thing to fit into my schedule that it already bursting at the seams.

As well as that, it seems that the commune here (Virlet) have a vacant date in their social calendar and could I give a talk on the Trans-Labrador Highway? The date concerned is February 24th which, as astute readers will know, is my birthday and so how can I turn it down?

Back here I've been working on the computer again but now at 05:00 I'm going to be doing my best to sleep. I have a hectic day tomorrow.

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