Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And so this morning ...

... I arranged for Liz to ring me at 09:30. But it was totally unnecessary - no-one could sleep through the cacophony of the torrential rainstorm crashing down onto the aluminium sheeting that used to be the roof of the caravan. It was impressive.

We dealt with the recordings for Radio Tartasse without too much difficulty but the recordings for Radio Arverne were cancelled. I haven't mentioned it, but we have had another death in our little circle - the daughter of someone who we know. Aged 24 - killed in a car accident. The funeral was today and so that was that.

Some of Caliburn is now unloaded - it's taken me ages because I need to go through the boxes to see what is in there and to rescue some books and videos that ought to be up here - stuff that I've missed desperately for 11 years, reference books and all that kind of thing as well as some decent films that need copying onto DVD. I've also collected my thousands of LPs and they will be recorded sooner or later onto *.mp3. I bought a computer record-deck a couple of years ago just for this purpose.

And tomorrow I'll be finishing off the emptying of Caliburn ready to go back to Brussels for the final load.

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