Thursday, July 7, 2011

If you look carefully ....

... at the bottom of the wind turbine pole on the barn, you will notice a new addition. Yes, I have a new toy - a professional anemometer.

I'm in the process of major discussions about having a wind-turbine custom-made, and one of the questions I've been asked is to what are the wind speeds here. I've a little anemometer but that's not up to all that much and so I reckoned it was about tine I had the proper kit. I mean - I'm measuring everything else around here, but nevertheless, the cost of every other data recorder in total (excluding of course the charge controller data panels) doesn't add up to the cost of this anemometer. I hope I have my money's worth.

And so this afternoon I made myself a handy bracket (and wasn't that a good move, buying that L-profile aluminium strip) and mounted it up on the wind turbine pole. I'd ideally like it to be higher up there but there is a limit as to what I can do and where I can reach when I'm on my own around here.

Feeding the cable through the roof apex is not easy. I'm going to have a good look at that tomorrow, but that involves taking the ladder into the barn. And that won't be easy either.

And so that was this afternoon, but this morning was rather awkward. because I had a nocturnal visitor. At 03:30 a bat flew into my attic through the tiny open window. It took me an hour to find it - moving everything around in my room (which now looks like a US drone missile has exploded in here) - and then another hour trying to coax it out of the room into the rest of the house where it can do what it likes.

But .... DISASTER. I trapped the thing in the doorframe and that, unfortunately, was that. I was terribly dismayed by that.

But even worse. I was asleep dreaming about a very good friend of mine - no longer with us. She always vowed that she would come back to this life as a bat and it didn't occur to me until much later that this bat might have been her - coming back here for a look around. And now I'm in a thorough depression after all of that.

A friend rang me up a little later for some computer advice, and that depressed me too, for although it might well have been a normal time for someone normal, I'm a night owl anyway and in any case I was dealing with bats until dawn.

While I was working on the website, Dave (who follows the blog and comments on here every now and again) rang up - he wants the new additions to his website proof-reading.

In other news, I have today been appointed the Central France representative for a French company selling small-scale renewable energy equipment, and I'm in active discussions with an American company that wants a European agent for its d-i-y products in the Renewable Energy field.

Things might at last be moving here.

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