Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well I finished the wiring today

And that's hardly surprising given the time that I had to do it, as when the alarm went off at 08:00 I was already up and about. How about that for a change of habits?

And so by 12:00 I was fed and watered, done a couple of hours on the computer and been in discussion with an American company about some stock and a dealership, I was outside.

The wires that come from the wind turbine and anemometer, and those which go to the solar panels - they are all sheathed now properly (and I seem to have got the hang of doing that now? and go where they are supposed to - down to where the new battery box will be.

And that wasn't without difficulty either. I managed to finish off the hole in the floor that I started yesterday but as luck would have it, it's right over the beam. So another hour or so to drill a couple of new ones and saw out between them to give me enough room to feed the conduit through. The charge controller is in place and the wind turbine is wired up to it. Let's see what that does.

This afternoon I was working on the length of wire to connect the solar panel array to the batteries in the barn - the part of the wiring that is outside. That's all nicely sheathed now and going where it's supposed to. And after that, I was fitting the junction box onto the solar panel mounting rails.

That's as far as I got, seeing as it was by then 19:00 and so a solar shower and that's me finished for the weekend. Monday will see me finish off the junction box and cut the lengths of pipe that will stand the lower solar panel mounting rail off the wall at the correct 70°C angle. And then maybe I can start to fit the solar panels.

I'm glad that the anemometer is all mounted and that the wiring is properly installed. All I need to do now is to find the data head and I will be in business. But finding anything in my little attic room is an impossible task. Neitzsche said "Out of chaos comes order" but he had clearly never ever set foot in my attic.

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