Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's happening?

Yes indeed. I forgot to check the stats on my website last night and so I did that this evening. And to my surprise, Sunday (which is usually a quiet day) I had three times the usual average number of visitors. And today so far, I've had 50% more than usual. Clearly something is up.

That was more than I was this morning. Another late start again and then a couple of hours on the computer as usual - I'm touring Halifax at night at the moment. And when the battery went flat, I went to work on my magnum opus for the Anglo-French group - as it's Independence Day over there, I made a quiz of 30 questions for the group, and that took longer than I anticipated - it didn't leave me with much time in the garden but I managed to do some weeding, move some more of the tree and plant some lettuce that I'd bought at the weekend.

Another beautiful day and so a nice solar shower at 40°:C and then off to this demonstration. Only about 50 or so people turned up, which was a huge disappointment, but what was surprising was that the manager of "La Montagne" turned up - but without his camera. And so Yours Truly became an officially-accredited Press Photographer for the evening. No sense in having a trumpet and not blowing it, and if you have friends in the Press you should be taking advantage of the opportunities that they pass your way.

Another surprise at the Anglo-French Group was that Pete turned up - and we haven't seen him for ages. That was nice. It seems that there are all kinds of changes going on in his life right now and he needs a little company..

Tomorrow I have to go to Montlucon - Marianne needs some stuff for her house and needs a van to transport it. And I suppose that I owe her a favour for the evening's work that she found for me.

One good turn, etc etc.

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