Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Actually I'm quite astonished ...

... by the people who read this rubbish, and how helpful they are. Having published yesterday about my missing morning, the farmer who owns the field next door came roaring to the rescue this morning on his tractor - at 07:11 exactly as it happens. And I didn't even know that he read my blog!

And so after crawling out of my bed at a reasonably-indecent time, I spent a few hours on my website. I'm now finalising the pages on Halifax ready to publish them. I'll let you know when they are on line and you can read them, and you'll see why it is my favourite city in North America.

But before that - you remember me saying that I have made a few alterations to the media corner? Well, here you can see it in all its glory and I have to say that it does look quite impressive, as does the huge pile of wood and paper ready for winter. And that's not going to be all that far away you know. At least the wood is keeping dry in here.

After I finished on the website, I went outside and spent the morning working on the guttering. You may remember that I had several issues with the guttering - on the house there was a piece missing and there was another piece that had collapsed under the weight of the snow in the winter. On the barn, a piece melted in the heat from the fire earlier this year, and part of the rest of the guttering had sagged.

Anyway, I'd fixed it all before lunch. There's a few new brackets and a couple of the old ones have been bent further round - let's see if that stops the water cascading over the top. I also replaced the melted bit but apart from the fact that I can't find the left-hand gutter end that was attached to it, I can't find any other either - which is bizarre because I have three right-hand ones. How did I manage that?

The guttering on the house is fixed now as well and the missing piece added. I'll post a pic here tomorrow so that you can see it, for I forgot to take one earlier.

After lunch, seeing as it was a glorious day, I did a load of washing. Temperature in the 12-volt immersion heater, heated by the surplus electric energy, reached 62.5°C and so it was a nice hot wash. And while that was doing, I did some tidying up and then I had a nice solar shower, seeing as the water in there was 38.5°C. So clean clothes, clean bedding, and clean me tonight. What luxury!

After the Anglo-French meeting I bumped into Simon. He was trying to fit a 700-litre diesel tank into the back of his van to take to the tip tomorrow and so I went to help him. But to cut a long story short, it's now in the back of Caliburn ready for me to use as a biodiesel tank for when I set up my refinery. Thanks, Simon. And apart from that, Bill and I had the guided tour of his new abode.

Tomorrow if the weather stays nice, I'll be doing another load of washing and that should bring it up to date. And now I have some heavy duty sacks, I'll be doing what I ought to have done a year ago - namely emptying the Sankey trailer.

And while I was up a ladder hanging on grimly with one hand "lucky grimly" - ed, using a cordless drill and balancing a few lengths of guttering, I seem somehow to have pulled a muscle in my right forearm and it hurts like hell.

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