Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The best-laid plans ...

... of mice and men oft go gang awa'. And today was no exception.

Dunno what happened last night but at 05:30 I was lying in bed still awake reading a book in the dawn sunlight. That kind of thing can upset your day and as a result it was rather a late start again (nothing like as late as Sunday though).

Working on the website again this morning and then after lunch I started to empty the trailer while I was waiting for the water to reach temperature. But a phone call soon stopped that. Was I free to do a furniture delivery to the other side of Montlucon?

"Caliburn will only work if you know the magic words" I said
"Stop messing around, Eric. You'll be well-paid"
"Ahhh - you DO know the magic words"

And so two guys came and helped me unload the oil tank and we all went off to do this delivery - and I was indeed well-paid. Thank you, Pascal.

I also discovered a really cheap fruit and veg shop there and now that's me sorted out with tomatoes and cucumbers.

Mind you, I didn;t get the rest of my washing done and it won't be done any time soon as the weather has broken, the glorious summer weather has gone and we are back in storms again - just about 30 seconds after I made the point that we have been 4 days without rain and the place is beginning to need watering. You can't get any better timing than that.

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