Monday, August 15, 2011

Every Picture Tellls a Story ...

... and this one tells a story of today's weather. A glance out of the window on the way downstairs to cook my pizza this evening, and I saw a small hanging cloud drift quietly up the valley just down the hill from the house.

The last serious one just like this was in Labrador back in October. Then, we had had rain and snow for most of the day and believe me - never mind the rain, I reckon that it was cold enough to snow just now. It was pretty miserable.

I should have gone out to the Vintage Fair at St Maurice but never mind that - I wasn't going anywhere. Instead, I did some more tidying up in here - the desk received my attention today - and I found more stuff that I reckoned that I had lost or misplaced. It's good, this tidying up, I'll tell you. All the rubbish has been binned and so whT I need to do now is to have a quiet evening sorting out the papers and filing them away.

I've also started packing for Canada - putting the 120-volt electrical items in a bag so that they are all together. And one of the advantages of having a North-American satnav is that I can programme it to hold all of the addresses that I've been finding - all the shops I'll be having to visit. I've also prepared 3 notebooks - an A5 spiral-bound notebook with all kinds of useful info and addressed, an A6 spiral-bound notebook for mileages, petrol and expenditure, and an A7 spiral bound notebook and pencil to keep in my pocket. I've also found a couple of folders to put all of the receipts and papers in.

THis evening I've been surfing the web and I've found a 160cm x 70 cm foam mattress in IKEA for $49 and a bed base of similar size for $15:00 so that's my sleeping accommodation sorted out for the back of the van. Canadian Tire do a 60-watt solar panel for $299, plenty of deep-discharge caravan batteries and also, interestingly, a 60-amp-hour battery pack with a built-in 400-watt inverter for $99. All of that looks like it might be extremely useful.

As the day for my departure draws close, I'm getting quite excited.

This evening I

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