Sunday, August 14, 2011

I thought you might...

... like to see the pointing that I did yeaterday. Well, that's it there, about 1 square metre round about the head of the ladder just there. It's taking ages to do, especially as I'm having to do it on a ladder, but it'll be done eventually, that's for sure. I might have enough time to finish the right-hand side of the wall before I go to Canada, and I'll do the left-hand side and fix up the wind turbine when I come back.

You can see the anenometer up there as well. As I said before, the batteries are actually in the head and so you can see how I'm intending to deal with the issues of flat batteries. I can lean out of the window, slacken off the allen screw in the key clamp, and the pole will slide down. That will bring the head, and hence the batteries, within reach.

But I'll tell you something - compared to where I had the anenometer sited before, I'm getting three times the wind speed up there. If I can put the wind turbine up there and push the pole up as high as I can get it, then that would certainly be something to think about. If I had another set of blades, I would even consider putting the second AIR 403 400-watt wind turbine up there.

But to do the left-hand side of the wall I need to take the roof off that side of the lean-to and that's where I am keeping the washing machine, the gardening tools and the wood. This is going to be quite a manoeuvre.

So today being Saturday I haven't done much. Some tidying up in here, sone cleaning around the kitchen part of the verandah (it was starting to look disgusting) and then the shops. LIDL was having a sale and one of the articles on offer was one of those light-stick kind of things, LED powered and charges up off 12 volts. All of €9:99 too and having seen the brightness, it's well-worth the money. Absolutely superb. I'm glad that I've seen the light about that. They also had a small tub of banana-flavoured sorbet. "Had" is definitely the word.

Back here this afternoon, and some more tidying, a few repairs, and a couple of odd jobs. Ahhh - the eciting life that I lead. And with no football anywhere, I just don't know what to do with myself.

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